Mission and Strategic Vision

About Us

We envision an AIDS-free world built on a foundation of equitable access to housing and health care.

Clare Housing provides a continuum of affordable and supportive housing options that create healing communities and optimize the health of people living with HIV/AIDS.

A Strategic Framework for Our Future

Our new strategic framework reaffirms — first and foremost — the urgency and continued importance of our mission and the critical role we play in helping end the HIV epidemic. In a world where the landscape of funding, healthcare, and HIV is changing at an increasingly fast pace, we have recommitted ourselves to remain nimble in our ability to adapt to new challenges and anticipate others.

Founded in 1987, Clare Housing has created an enduring legacy of providing affordable, supportive housing and compassionate care for people living with and affected by HIV and AIDS. Our person-focused programs are designed to bring together strategies of harm reduction, treatment and care to enhance quality of life and reduce new infections in our community.

Over the last two decades Clare Housing has grown from one residence serving four people to developing, owning, and managing seven residential programs accommodating more than 150 people. Responding to the rapidly changing complexity of the disease, we advance programs and new solutions that address the full-continuum of HIV-related housing needs in our community with the goal of ending homelessness among individuals living with HIV.

People living with HIV experience a higher probability of housing loss and instability due to the disabling and impoverishing effects of HIV. It is estimated that as many as half of all people living with HIV will need housing assistance at some point during their lifetime.

We know that access to affordable, stable and supportive housing is the cornerstone for…

  • Adhering to treatment
  • Improving HIV-related health outcomes and reducing mortality
  • Reducing new HIV infections
  • Decreasing the use of expensive emergency care and other crisis services
  • Achieving an AIDS-free generation

Grounded in the belief that helping people access and sustain their housing is the foundation of our work, we provide an array of housing and supportive service options designed to guide people toward wholeness and self-sufficiency.

We make a difference by…

  • Developing and providing a continuum of affordable and supportive housing options
  • Providing person-centered care that reflects the diversity and needs of the people we serve
  • Engaging in educational activities that break down barriers and reduce stigma
  • Advocating for public policy change that improves quality of life and ensures equitable access to housing and treatment

We know when an individual has access to stable housing he/she is more likely to remain connected to care, to be virally suppressed and to adhere to their medication regimen.

We will demonstrate our impact by…

  • Increasing the number of people living with HIV/AIDS who maintain stable housing
  • Reducing HIV-related health disparities through access to and retention in care
  • Improving HIV-related health outcomes
  • Reducing reliance on more expensive public services
  • Increasing public support and awareness

We view sustainability in its broadest sense – remaining vital and relevant, doing great work and being nimble enough to adapt quickly to changing environments. In doing so, we believe we can maintain a healthy balance sheet and cash flow that helps us to maintain and execute our mission.

Our sustainability as an organization will be achieved by…

  • Building a diversified business model that ensures adequate investment of both public and private resources and allows for the creation of reserve funds to sustain and fulfill our mission.
  • Exploring new program and social entrepreneurial opportunities that enhance or enable us to further our mission and lead us towards increased financial sustainability.
  • Maintaining an organizational culture that encourages innovation, personal development and team work.
  • Remaining open to opportunities and dialogue regarding collaborative opportunities, strategic partnerships and mergers in order to achieve common goals.

Adopted by the Board of Directors of Clare Housing, June 2014