Table Host Checklist

  1. Fill a table of 10 guests at our Fundraising Breakfast on Tuesday, September 20.
  2. All of your guests should attend a Journey HomeOne of the best ways to get them to a Journey Home is to host your own! Debbie is happy to help you plan it.
  3. Please keep a separate list of those unable to attend the breakfast, but who have said they would like to receive more information about Clare Housing.
  4. Arrive at the breakfast promptly at 7:15 a.m. to greet your guests and to pick up a Table Host day-of-event packet.
  5. Pass out pledge cards and envelopes as instructed during the donation request portion of the program. Please do not pass them out before the requested time. Note: Set an example for your guests by enjoying the event and filling out your own pledge card during the pitch. Your guests will be looking to you at that moment to see what they are supposed to do.
  6. Collect completed pledge cards and envelopes from your guests, and turn them in at the check-in table before leaving the breakfast.
  7. Call your guests within two days (by Thursday, September 22 to thank them for coming and to get their impressions and feedback. (Do not ask your guests for money.)