30 Years Ago, Jim Smith Came Home with a Secret — 

Thirty years ago, Jim Smith came home to tell his parents a big secret.

What was that secret? “I’m gay.”

What happened next had a huge impact on Jim’s life, and is one of the reasons he’d like you to join him at our Annual Fundraising Breakfast. Watch the video to hear Jim’s story.

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When Jim revealed his secret 30 years ago, he was met with his parents’ unconditional love.

It’s a sad truth that so many people cannot come home with their truth and expect to be well loved like Jim did. For those people, loving community members just like you created Clare Housing three decades ago.

We believe that everyone living with HIV deserves a place to call home. If you agree with us, if you were inspired by Jim’s story, please join us at 7:30 am on Tuesday, September 20th for “A Place to Call Home”, our Annual Fundraising Breakfast.

By the time the program is over at 9 am, you will leave feeling uplifted and inspired by the warm, healing, and accepting community we’ve built thanks to supporters like you.

Register now. We hope to see you there!