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The United State’s rental housing crisis is the result of problems with the housing market. In recent years, tight standards for mortgage loans and high home prices have made it impossible for many people to buy homes, causing more people to become renters.

Large numbers of renters and a scarce supply of rental homes have driven up rents. As rents have increased, wages for low- and middle-income families haven’t, which forces more families to spend larger portions of their incomes on housing. This leaves less money for other needs like nutritious food, healthcare and quality childcare.

To make sure people can get decent housing at reasonable costs, we need to take steps to fix these problems with the housing market. And for that to happen, Congress needs to put this issue at the top of their agenda. Let’s send them 1 Million Messages to say so.

Please join Clare Housing and the Make Room campaign to send Congress 1 million messages to get housing affordability on the agenda by Election Day.

Every day until Election Day, together let’s deliver one clear message to Congress: Americans can’t afford places to live and need help. You can send messages to your representative quickly and easily through the Make Room website right now.