Our Residents Are Beating the Odds: 2016 Annual Report Released — 

If you’re a Clare Housing supporter already, you should shortly receive a print version of our 2016 Annual Report in the mail. You check out and download a virtual copy of it here (PDF).

How Are We Doing? Simply Put, Clare Housing Residents Are Beating the Odds.

If you’re living with HIV, having an undetectable viral load is vital to maintaining your health, and also helping prevent the transmission of HIV to others.

At Clare Housing, our residents have an 87% rate of undetectablility. Compare that to the statewide rate of 62%, and the national rate of only 30%. These results illustrate the power of supportive housing with connections to health care.

When people are stably housed, they can make it to doctor’s appointments. They can take their medication. They are empowered to make better decisions for themselves and their families. Supportive housing is health care, and that’s why we believe everyone living with HIV deserves a place to call home. For more information on this, and a complete breakdown of Clare Housing demographics and more, please download the full 2016 Annual Report (PDF).

Rates of Undetectability: Clare Housing, Minnesota and the United States of America