Clare Housing Leadership Announcement — 

Dear Friends:

It is with mixed emotion that, after serving as the executive director of Clare Housing for over a decade, I announce the beginning of my transition into retirement.  I will be ending my service by June 30, 2013.

Over the next 9 months, I will continue to work with the board and staff to create 60 units of HIV-specific housing, launch our public policy and advocacy program, and continue to work on strengthening the model of care for people living with HIV/AIDS in Minnesota.

It has been not only my vision but also the vision of the board of directors and staff that in 10 years every Minnesotan with HIV/AIDS will have stable and affordable housing and access to the services they need to live satisfying and fulfilling lives.

I am making my announcement now to give the board ample time to have discussions on a seamless leadership transition for Clare Housing along with creative and innovative ways to fulfill our mission for those we serve.

I come to this work from a sense of community, empathy, and social justice as well as a sense of gratitude.  My passion has and always will be that those living with HIV/AIDS have a home and the support and care they need to live a full, satisfying and dignified life.

It has been a privilege to be at the helm of Clare Housing and to work with all of you who share my passion for this work.  I have deeply rooted optimism for the next chapter of Clare Housing.  The board will keep you posted on this leadership transition and I will continue to be at work with you in the months ahead as we fulfill Clare Housing’s mission of affordable housing and supportive services to the residents and future residents.

Yours in gratitude,

Lee Lewis

Executive Director

PS: And as I always close out my emails “Pessimism is about analysis of the situation.  Optimism is about orientation of the spirit.”