Sample Script for Inviting Guests

In order to have a full table of 10 people on the day of the event, you may need to invite more than 10 people. The more personal the invitation, the better!

We advise inviting people in person or by telephone, then following up with a digital or hard copy of our invitation. Please plan to call them about a week prior to the luncheon to confirm that your guests will attend.

Sample Script (for phone calls or email)

The following is an example of what you might want to say when inviting your guests:

“Hello, ____________, I’d like to invite you to join me at my table at Clare Housing’s upcoming A Place to Call Home Luncheon. This is a one-hour program for people to learn more about how Clare Housing is helping to create an AIDS-free world built on a foundation of equitable access to housing and healthcare.

Yes, it is a fundraiser, too. You will be asked to consider making a contribution, however, there is no minimum or maximum gift requested. It will be our job to inspire you to want to give. We want you to come and experience the impact Clare Housing offers to the community. I would be delighted if you could join me.

Registration is now open. You can either call me back or visit clarehousing dot org. That’s clare, c-l-a-r-e housing dot org. Thank you!”

Notes for Table Hosts

  • Please ask all of your guests to register as soon as they are able. You will be sent a link to registration as soon as it goes live. The deadline for registration is strict this year, as we have a new location. The registration deadline is Thursday, September 7.
  • When asking your guests to register, please instruct them to select your name from the list of Table Hosts. This way we’ll make sure they are seated with you!
  • Kindly keep a separate list of those who are unable to attend or who call to cancel at the last minute, along with their contact information. We would like to send them information about other meaningful ways they can learn more and get involved.

Should you have further questions or need additional materials please contact Debbie Wyman at 612.236.9528 or Thanks!