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I hope you will join me for this special event.



I hope this message finds you well! I’m writing you today because of a special organization that’s really touched my heart, Clare Housing. The people who work at Clare Housing provide affordable, supportive homes for people experiencing poverty and living with HIV here in the Twin Cities. Many of their residents have been homeless, or insecurely housed.

I’ve heard a lot of inspiring stories about lives changed for the better at Clare Housing. Here’s one I’d like to share with you. After reading it, I hope you’ll consider joining me at A Place to Call Home, their Annual Fundraising Luncheon on Thursday, September 21 at the Minneapolis Convention Center. You can learn more and register here:


When Bill was homeless, he rode the bus past Summit Academy every day, and thought about going to school to better his life. But he told himself that he was “too old.” He should just focus on getting a job, any job. Attending classes was too much to attempt during the chaos of homelessness.

After a year of homelessness and living with HIV, Bill reached his lowest point. After celebrating his birthday, he returned to find he was locked out of the shelter. Bill spent the night of his 50th birthday sleeping in a parking lot.

When reflecting on his darkest moment Bill says, “People give up and disappear every day. I know now what that feels like. You have a choice to make.” Bill chose not to disappear. He got on the Clare Housing waiting list. Two days before Christmas 2015 he got the call. Bill had a home.

The day he moved in, Bill saw another commercial for Summit Academy. He took it as a sign. It was finally his time to go after his dreams. “I went back to school because I had a calm place to come home to. If I needed to study all night, I could. And the staff were supportive. They’re just the best people on Earth.”

What’s next? For Bill, the future looks bright. He celebrated his 51st birthday at home. In September, Bill graduated with his certificate, and he plans on helping others navigate the health system as a Community Health Worker.


It’s stories like this one that motivate me. They make me proud to support this organization.

I would be so pleased if you’d join me. The luncheon will be held on Thursday, September 21 from 11:30 am – 1 pm. At the luncheon you’ll hear first-hand from men and women like Bill who have been able to get their health and lives back on track thanks to stable housing, and access to healthcare at Clare Housing.

Please email me or give me a call if you’d like register or learn more!