Join us for Songs from the Heart! — 

Clare Housing will be this year’s beneficiary at Songs from the Heart! We sat down with Jeff Heine, executive director of Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus (TCGMC) and Chuck Peterson, Clare Housing executive director, to learn about this glitzy and fun fundraiser.

Interviewer: Tell us about the “Songs from the Heart” fundraiser, when is it and what can people look forward to when they attend?

We're lucky to have Erin Schwab joining us as host.

We’re lucky to have Erin Schwab joining us as host.

Jeff: Songs from the Heart is the Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus annual formal fundraising dinner and will be held on Saturday, May 7. It includes a silent and live auction, featuring products and experiences that are truly unique!

Not only will you enjoy great entertainment from members of the Chorus, we also partner with a beneficiary each year to share their story with our audience. I’m so happy that Clare Housing is our beneficiary for the second year on a row! If you’re looking for a fun celebration that’s also meaningful, attend this event and support two great organizations.

The evening will be hosted by Erin Schwab, local cabaret singer and performer.

Interviewer:  There are so many wonderful nonprofits, why did TCGMC chose to support the mission of Clare Housing?

Jeff: We selected Clare Housing because we’ve seen the work you do first-hand. Whenever I do a Journey Home tour at Clare Housing it really hits me in the heart.

The last time I stopped by, I got really emotional just seeing the outpouring of support for the people who call Clare Housing home, many of whom don’t have things that so many of us take for granted. We’re all one life decision or pay check away from a situation where we need help, and Clare Housing provides that help.

SFTH will feature performances by members of the choir.

SFTH will feature performances by members of the choir.

For the Chorus, this is our 35th Anniversary. Our chorus was one of several that were formed in the early 1980’s as a response to the AIDS epidemic. Music was a way for us provide a community not just for those diagnosed, but for anyone who was coming out and wanted a safe space to be yourself, and to speak out about what was happening. Clare Housing speaks to that creation story.

Interviewer: It’s inspiring to see nonprofits support one another like this! What have you enjoyed the most about partnering with TCGMC, Chuck?

Chuck: For me I love the power of the arts in influencing people’s activism and advocacy in our community. This is such a natural partnership for an arts organization and a social service organization around an issue that impacts our community so deeply.

We’ve lost so many artists, including chorus members and others to HIV/AIDS. It’s an amazing opportunity to remind people that HIV is still impacting our community and impacting people’s lives, and that these services matter.

Interviewer: If I’m attending the event, how can I donate to support both TCGMC and Clare Housing?

Chuck: It’s first of all a fundraiser for the chorus, with the beneficiary donation opportunity at the end of the evening during the “Fund -A-Need” portion. All funding during this part of the program will be split 50/50. Our goal for this year’s Fund-a-Need is to raise $30,000. Last year we raised $20,000!

It’s a great opportunity for Clare Housing donors to support two great organizations, and a way to be introduced to and support the great work of the Chorus as well.

Interviewer: Where can people go to learn more about the Chorus and register for this great glitzy evening of music and community?

Jeff: Check out our website! Go to for all the information you need including a way to register for tickets.

The best way to register is to call our Chorus Office at 612-339-7664. Online registration should be up and running by end of March. Check the site often to find out about our exciting auction items as they are confirmed, and other news!

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