Robbinsdale residents check out Clare Housing — 

Written by Joe Bowen
Published in the SunPost on May 19, 2015

As construction on the Clare Terrace apartment building forges ahead near the intersection of 36th and France Avenues North, a handful of Robbinsdale residents got a first-hand look at what the project will look like, roughly, once it is completed.

An April 30 tour at the Clare Apartments in Northeast Minneapolis covered the Clare Housing program’s history, mission and more. The program hopes to create affordable housing for HIV and AIDS patients, a population for whom homelessness and proper access to care can be major concerns.

“The epidemic has changed over the last 30 years, and its really moved into very low-income communities and communities that are very marginalized,” said Clare Housing Executive Director Chuck Peterson. “Homeless populations as well as communities of color, where folks don’t enjoy access to housing like we do, access to health care, and are living with generations of poverty in their families.” (Read the full article at