Reggie’s Story — 

There are moments of diamond-focus, where you’re reminded vividly why you do the work you do. On the morning of Monday, December 14 at Clare Housing, we had one of those moments.

That’s the morning Reggie signed the application to his new place. “He was so nervous,” Tynessia Snoddy, Scattered Site Housing Manager related with a smile, “He almost broke the chair.”

It’s easy to understand why Reggie was a bit emotional. Signing that paperwork is a huge deal.

You see, Reggie is a single dad. He works full time as a custodian to support his kids, while also doing his best to maintain his health as someone living with HIV. Despite working full time, he has been homeless for the last four years. He’s been on our waiting list for two of those years.


A family man, the toughest thing about homelessness for Reggie is living without his kids.

Many of us will be celebrating holiday traditions this week with loved ones and children. Whether those traditions are around the tree or the table at the Chinese restaurant – when you’re there, stop for a moment and think of Reggie.

Because for Reggie, the best gift this year is not the roof over his head. The best gift is the chance to live together with his two children, aged 2 and a half and 17, who will get to move in with him now that he has a home.

The chance to be with, and to give shelter to the ones we love — that’s the ultimate gift.

And because of YOU and Reggie’s tenacity, we were able to make that happen. But there are more like Reggie on our waiting list. The good news — we’re not about to stop.

Together, we will make this magic happen for everyone in Minnesota living with HIV and at risk of homelessness.

Please make a gift to support Reggie, his family, and others like him today.


Thank you for your support! On behalf of all of us at Clare Housing we send our love to you and your family this holiday season.