Lee, thank you for all you have done in your 12 years — 


Message From The Board Chair

Clare Housing stands at an exciting moment as Executive Director Lee Lewis retires and we prepare to wel­come his successor, Chuck Peterson. Lee has led the organization for 12 years with a clear vision about what Clare Housing can and should be. When he joined Clare Housing as executive director we had one HIV-specific hous­ing program. Today, we provide a continuum of care in three supportive housing programs that serve 150 low-income HIV-positive individuals.

As a board member I’m deeply grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Lee in furthering our mission to provide affordable housing, supportive services and compassionate care to people living with HIV/AIDS. Lee is an extraordinary leader, one with whom it’s a pleasure and an honor to collaborate.

If Lee has a “secret sauce” as a leader, I’m sure one of the ingredients is clarity of vision. Clarity about what Clare Housing can and must do, and about the fact that it is actually possible to realize our vision of providing all people living with HIV/AIDS with affordable, safe and stable housing and access to the supportive services they need to lead satisfying lives with dignity. Clarity in the strategic thinking and action plans that guide staff and board members in doing our best work to advance that vision.

Humility is another ingredient, I believe. It shows up in Lee’s understanding that no one person is the expert in everything, and that a leader needs to develop and inspire a talented, dedicated team of staff and consultants to carry out a vision. Humility also shows up in the way Lee learns from things that don’t work and moves on to create the next and often better opportunity.

And that also takes tremendous determination. Our work with multiple constituen­cies presents plenty of challenges, and Lee is remarkable in his ability to remain determined and optimistic when we encounter obstacles. His modeling of these qualities inspires the rest of us to maintain our own determination and remain fo­cused on what must be done next.

Lee, thank you for all you have done in your 12 years as Clare Housing’s executive di­rector. We are grateful for your legacy of essential services and affordable housing for people living with HIV/AIDS, and for your legacy as a wonderful leader. We wish you a happy and productive retirement and know that Clare Housing and the whole community will continue to benefit from your gifts.

Yours in gratitude,

Nancy Lee

Board Chair